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VIDEO: Extended Gameplay Demo Shown for Spider-Man PS4 Game, Miles Morales Makes an Appearance

Sony ended their 2017 E3 showcase with an extended first look of the upcoming Spider-Man PS4-exclusive, which is now being referred to simply as Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The demo shows a vertical slice of what we can assume to be a major story mission. We see Spidey taking orders from a character named Captain Watanabe (who becomes Wraith in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series). Spider-Man is taking out Wilson Fisk’s (Kingpin) men, as well as a group called the Demons that are being led by Martin Li (Mister Negative).

The demo shows off some of Spidey’s abilities, as well as some really cinematic quick time events where Spider-Man saves the city from mass destruction. At the end of the demo, we got a tease that confirms Miles Morales will also be in the game. For those unfamiliar, in the comics Morales is the one who assumes the role of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was originally announced last E3 with only a tech trailer and a working title. We now know that Insomniac’s Spider-Man will be out sometime in 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4.