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Never Lose Your Stroller at Disney Again with Stroller Spotter

If you have young kids, you have probably experienced the frustration of misplacing your stroller in the sea of stroller parking that builds up at the parks. We recently uncovered this new product that has set out to combat this issue so you’ll never be hunting for your stroller at Disney again.

The Stroller Spotter is essential a giant glow wand that attaches to your stroller to make it easily visible in a crowd of strollers. The Stroller Spotters comes in eight different colors and will attach to ANY type of stroller. If you want to personalize it a bit, you can attach a Disney antenna topper to the top of the Stroller Spotter as well.

Now I know what you are thinking, “What happens when a bunch of people start using a Stroller Spotter, how will I find my stroller?” Well we got an answer from the expert over at Stroller Spotter.

Our illuminated antenna comes in 8 different colors so odds are that not everyone will be sporting the same color that same day in that same area in which you parked your stroller/scooter/wheelchair. Even if they were, you can personalize with whatever topper you choose and even decorate them differently (make it look like a fairy wand, make a pennant out of felt with your family’s name on it and thread the antenna through the flag, decorate our illuminated topper with Sharpie Markers, etc).  Get creative- the possibilities are endless!

If you interested in finding out more or purchasing a Stroller Spotter for your next trip you can get one here. Don’t forget to use our code (FREESHIP17) if you want free shipping!

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